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Dandruff Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

One of the consequences of chemically treating hair is dry and irritated scalp, resulting in dandruff. Chemical treatments can stress out the skin. And if you have dandruff before you had your hair color treated, it can make the situation worse.

If you color your hair and you have annoying dandruff, it is best to use special anti dandruff shampoo for color treated hair. This is because regular dandruff shampoos dry out hair more than regular shampoo, so you can just imagine how much more damage it can cause to your hair and hair color.

Here are some of the best dandruff shampoo for color treated hair and conditioners, too.

Head and Shoulders Intensive Treatment Shampoo

Head and Shoulders is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to fighting dandruff, and it’s got a shampoo designed for colored here. This product contains Selenium Sulfide, which works wonders in removing flakes, redness and itching without drying out your hair.

Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control Dandruff Shampoo

This Neutrogena shampoo is one of the best products for dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. It uses ‘Neutar’, a proprietary ingredient that combats the itching and the flaking from dandruff. This product is dermatologist recommended and is safe for color treated hair.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner

This product contains tea tree oil, which has anti fungal properties, and peppermint, which leaves the hair and scalp moisturized and refresh. Its special formulation helps to lock in moisture, keeping scalp and hair moisturized and preventing flakes due to dandruff.

Pantene Pro-V Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner

Pantene contains Pyrithione Zinc, which helps to manage the symptoms of dandruff such as flaking, itching and redness. It is gentle enough to be used on color treated and chemically treated hair.

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Anti Dandruff Shampoo

The active dandruff fighting ingredient in this product is Pyrithione Zinc. It also contains fruit extracts and vitamins, which strengthens hair while combatting the effects of dandruff.

Most dandruff shampoo, even if it is formulated for color treated hair is too harsh to use everyday. Unless instructed by a dermatologist to do other wise, most dandruff shampoo for color treated hair should be used twice a week only. In between, use shampoo for color treated hair.

It is advisable to wash the product off thoroughly. Residues left on your head can further irritate the skin and make the dandruff worse. Because you want to retain maximum moisture on your hair to keep it supple and healthy, use conditioners after every shampoo. Just be sure to apply the conditioners properly - which means apply it only on the hair, never on your scalp, and wash it off of your hair thoroughly.

Know that dandruff can also be caused by other factors such as weather changes, our diet, and stress. Addressing these will also help you to get rid of dandruff and retain the vibrancy of your color treated hair longer.

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